Race, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Religion, and Pregnancy Based Discrimination

Federal and State law, as well as Public Policy, prohibit discrimination on the basis of “Protected Characteristics.”  These “Protected Characteristics” include, but are not limited to, Race, Sexual Orientation, Sex, Pregnancy, Gender Identity, Religion, and Age. No employee should be treated differently on account of their “Protected Characteristic.”  If you feel you are being discriminated against on account of your “Protected Characteristic” please call Levian Law for a free consultation.

Disability Discrimination

Federal and State law, as well as Public Policy, create protections and entitlements for qualified individuals with mental disabilities, physical disabilities, and medical conditions.  Disability discrimination occurs when an employer treats a qualified employee or applicant individual with a disability differently than other similarly situated employees and that differential treatment is based on the individual’s disability.  If you are suffering from HIV, Cancer, depression, or any other physical/mental ailment or medical condition that affects your major life activities and are being treated differently at work please call Levian Law for a free consultation.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination describing conduct that interferes with an employee’s work performance and creates an environment that is severely hostile or offensive. Sexual harassment may also include inappropriate comments, touching, pictures, or other threatening conduct.  If you feel you are working in a work environment plagued by harassment please call Levian Law for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights.

Family and Medical Leave Act / California Family Rights Act

Federal and State laws entitle eligible employees of covered employers to take a protected leave of absence to care for the serious health condition of themselves or their family members.  If the need to take urgent time off from work due to a serious medical condition has adversely affected your working conditions, please call Levian Law to discuss your rights.

Duty to Accommodate Disabilities and Engage in Interactive Process

Federal and State law requires employers to provide to qualified employees or applicants who are otherwise disabled “reasonable accommodations.”  In addition, the law requires an employer to engage in a good faith interactive process with an employee concerning the employee’s disability.  As long as an employee can perform the essential functions of their job and the accommodation is not an undue burden, an employer is required to provide to its employees reasonable accommodations.   If you feel your employer is failing to accommodate your known disability please call Levian Law for a free consultation to see what steps you can take to remedy your harm.

Retaliation Claims for Engaging in Protected Activity

Federal and State law, as well as Public Policy, protect employees who assert their rights from retaliation or other adverse action by employers. These protections make it illegal for an employer to treat an employee with hostility because he or she engaged in a “protected activity.”  Such protected activity may include complaining about harassment to your employer, whistleblowing, filing a workers’ compensation claim, or taking a protected leave of absence.  If you feel that you have been retaliated against for asserting your legal rights please call Levian Law for a free consultation.

Wrongful Termination of Employment in Violation of Public Policy

The law prohibits an employer from discharging an employee in violation of public policy.  The Legislature has declared that an employee is free to engage in employment that is free from discrimination, harassment, or any form of retaliation.  Any employer who discharges an employee because of Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation or for any protected act is liable for the tort of wrongful termination of employment in violation of public policy.  If you believe you have been terminated for a reason that violates “public policy” please call Levian Law for a free consultation in order to discuss what steps you need to take to vindicate your legal rights.




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